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  • Repairing a Slate Roof

    Slate roof structures have many positive qualities that make them a great choice for your home.  They also have a tendency to crack, which leads to necessary repairs.  Winter is usually when the most damage occurs and it is important to have your slate roof inspected after the winter months.

    It is important to realize the advantages of having a slate roof before any inspections or repairs.  The durability of this natural material make it a very appealing option for many people.  Slate roofs also require low maintenance and have a high resistance to staining.  These positives, however, do not overshadow the fact that inspections and repairs are necessary.

    The job of inspecting a slate roof is not overwhelming and you may be able to perform it yourself.  You must make sure, though, that you have the correct tools and equipment before starting any repairs.  If you notice that any of the slate is broken, you should get it repaired immediately.  Remember, a slate roof can be very slippery so make sure that you are careful if you decide to repair it yourself.

    The first thing to do when repairing a slate roof is to locate the spot that needs fixed.  Pull the slate above the broken one up to give yourself enough room to easily and safely remove that damaged slate.  You then have to drill nail holes or use slate hooks to secure the new slate in place.  It is best to use slate hooks if available and remember to repeat these steps for all the slates that need repaired.

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