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  • Skylights

    Skylights are a great way to add natural lighting into any room.

    However, just like having a sunroof in your car they can leak if not installed

    properly. It is also important that they are installed properly with proper techniques to make ensure that the skylights are working at optimum level.

    Skylights are usually installed at the bottom most layer of a roof. As long as a professional roofing contractor is installing the skylight,  you can be certain they are installed tightly to prevent any leaking from occurring. Once your skylight is installed, you want to make sure you have it checked twice a year to ensure that no leaking taking place.

    It is important that you make sure you address all questions and concerns with your roofer. The most common concern is that the skylight with become foggy or cloudy over time. The roofer will be able to ensure you that  condensation will not form on the inner panes of your skylights. Also you may want to get a warranty from the manufacturer against clouding or fogging.

    Another thing to consider about a skylight is which type to purchase. There are many types of skylights out there, even ones that protecting against UV rays.

    The most important thing about having a skylight put in is that a professional roofer instals it.