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  • Roof and Gutter Winter Maintenance Checklist

    Courtesy of Stacy Gold/Getty Images via Houselogic

    It's very easy to keep putting off those home fall chores, but once winter hits, it's dangerous and almost impossible to get them done.  Here is a checklist of things to do (or, to be safe, have a professional do) before the winter weather hits, courtesy of Yahoo! Homes.

    1. Cleaning Gutters

    The first step in roof and gutter maintenance is to have the gutters cleaned out. You can do this yourself or hire a professional, but either way make sure this is taken care of late in autumn. Since leaves, acorns, and other detritus can accumulate throughout the fall, you don't want to take care of this too early and still have problems later on.

    Hiring a professional will set you back between $75 and $300, depending on the size of your home and the number of stories. The DIY approach is free unless you have to buy the materials required: ladder, bucket or pail, leaf scooper, and broom. The good news is that most people can clean out their gutters in just a few hours one weekend afternoon.

    2. Installing Gutter Covers

    Roof and gutter maintenance are always required at inopportune times. Kids are headed back to school, the holidays are fast approaching, and you don't have time to get up on the roof as often as you'd like. Gutter covers or guards are a convenient solution.

    Simply put, a gutter cover slows or stops the accumulation of debris in your gutters. They filter the leaves and dirt from the water so you don't have to clean them out as often. If you plan to do it yourself, set aside an entire weekend for the job. The process is time-consuming, and you might need to take frequent breaks.

    Again, you can find DIY materials at your local home improvement store. Gutter guards vary in price, but range from $3 to $6 per three-foot length of guard. Wider covers (five inches or so) cost more than narrower options (about three inches). It will be more expensive to hire a contractor, but the guards will be higher quality and will last longer.

    3. Trimming Trees

    Tree limbs that seem stable through the summer and fall might not be safe once they are burdened with a few pounds of snow. Winter maintenance requires trimming of all tree branches that could potentially damage the roof.

    Tree trimming prices vary depending on where you live, the height of the trees, and the complexity of the job. Get quotes from several different contractors, and look for quotes between $200 and $600.

    4. Repairing Leaks

    The final step in winter maintenance is roof repair. Any leaks, ventilation issues, or insulation deficiencies should be handled prior to the onset of winter. Look for stains on walls, missing roof shingles, and moisture accumulation around gaskets, gutters, downspouts, ridge caps, and dormers.

    Many contractors offer free inspections for those who are uncertain as to whether or not they have a leak. Remember that roofing contractors are busiest this time of year, though, so make sure to call well in advance.

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  • Gutter Maintenance Tips

    Oftentimes, homeowners forget about maintaining their gutters and downspouts. However, though what gutters do is simple (collecting the water that accumulates on your roof) it is very important no only for your roof, but for other aspects of your home as well.

    According to Buildipedia.com, issues around the home that are related to poor maintenance of your gutters and downspouts are:

    • Cracked foundations
    • Damaged landscaping
    • Settling porches, sidewalks, and driveways
    • Rot, mold, and mildew on exterior trim and cladding
    • Rot, mold, and mildew on wood structures, sheathing, walls, and ceilings
    • Damaged insulation
    • Termite infestation
    • Mosquitoes breeding
    • Growth of vegetation in clogged gutters

    Chances, are, you should also leave gutter cleaning and maintenance to the professionals, especially since cleaning them often requires use of a ladder and not all people know about the proper safety precautions. According to the Buildipedia.com article, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has stated, "Each year there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries in the U.S. relating to ladders." And, if I were you, I wouldn't wan't to be part of that statistic.

    By far the most prevalent issue that most people have with their gutters is clogging. It is extremely important to keep your gutters free from debris that falls and accumulates in it.

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  • Helpful Tips on Cleaning Your Gutters

    Check out this video by Lowes on cleaning your gutters.  Maintaining your gutters is an important part of your routine home maintenance.


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  • How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

    Homeowners ask this question a lot, how often should you clean your gutters?

    The answer is very simple, you should clean out your gutters at least twice a year. You should clean them more if they appear dirty. The best way to clean your gutters is to hire a professional. This will ensure that your gutters are cleaned properly and safely.

    By having a professionally clean your gutters you can be certain that all the dirt, leaves and any other objects are cleared from your gutters. Also they will make sure your downspout is clear and draining properly.

    If you have a routine system in place to clean your gutters it will help the life span of your gutter and roof. The Spring and Fall months are the best time to check and clean your gutters since these are the months with the most leaves, rain and debris that may clog your gutters.

    If gutters are not cleaned properly it can result in mold, fungus and or bacteria to grow in your gutters and up in your roof. Thus needing to be replaced.

    As always call us for any gutter questions.


  • Ladder Safety for Gutter Cleaning

    Most gutters need regular cleaning -- which means you'll probably have to use a ladder to do it.

    As SeamlessGuttersToday points out, approximately 222,000 people get injured every year in ladder related injuries. Therefore, it's important to remember a few safety precautions you should always take if you choose to clean your own gutters.

    First things first, never use a ladder alone. It's just not smart. If you get stuck in a situation where you need help, it's obviously going to be a problem if no one is there to do so. In addition, a friend can hold the ladder on the ground to help stabilize on it.

    It's also important to inspect the ladder prior to it's use. Sometimes a ladder may seem safe cosmetically, but on a closer inspection reveal problems.

    When setting the ladder up, you must also inspect the surface where it will touch. If the ground is muddy, or unstable in any way, you should not risk going up on the ladder.

    As for angle, this depends on the height of the ladder. Or as SeamlessGuttersToday say:

    The proper angle for setting up an extension ladder is based on how tall the ladder is; the base of the ladder from the side of your house should always be a quarter of the total height of the ladder. For instance, if your extension ladder is 12 ft. high, the base of the ladder should be 3 ft. away from the side of the house.

    Also, for the sake of not damaging what you are trying to fix, do not clean the ladder against a gutter. It not only risks damage, but also your safety -- some gutters have a slick coating which could destabilize it.

    In the end, it's important to put safety first when cleaning your own gutters. Or, if you don't want to, call us and we'll do if for you!

  • Why Seamless Gutters are the way to go

    Gutters are an integral part of your home. When properly installed, they direct water and rain flow away from your house and protect your siding, as well as your basements from water damage.

    There are many different types of gutters, but for the most part they can be divided into two camps - seamless and sectional.

    Sectional gutters are gutters you can buy in pieces at your local hardware store which you snap together around the perimeter of your roof. In addition to being a pretty big project, they are also extremely prone to leaks, as their many connections wear very easily overtime.

    Seamless gutters, on the other hand, include (as you would have guessed) none of these seams. They offer and continious gutter around your house, with connections only around corners. They hold up well over the years, and are extremely popular among homeowners.

    At ES of PA, we are experts in seamless gutter installation. Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate!