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  • The Keys to Window Replacement

    The idea of window replacement is one that should be taken seriously when considered.  Facilitiesnet explains that the main reasons for this are because it would be a large investment and they also normally last a long time.  This means that you may be stuck with whatever window you choose, so it is key to make sure that you do it right the first time.  There are a number of mistakes that you need to avoid and we will go over a few of them to make window replacement easier for you.

    Many people make the mistake of only counting the first costs when looking at replacing their windows.  You should add up and consider all of the life-cycle costs to get a better idea of how much everything will cost.  By doing this, you will be able to determine if  it is a good decision to replace the windows, even if the first costs are higher than others.

    Another mistake that goes along with the one above is that many people fail to pay attention to maintenance.  These costs are essential to consider and will surprise you down the road if you forget to add them in when you replace your windows.  It is also important to think about security because windows are often important to the security of a building.  Make sure to choose windows, and the proper glazing materials, that will provide the best type of security for your building or home.

    These are only a few of the mistakes that can be made while deciding to replace your windows.  If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at Exterior Specialties of PA for a no obligation, free consultation.

  • Window Maintenance Tips

    One important area of home improvement is to keep up with regular window maintenance.  Windows are in need of regular maintenance because many different conditions effect them.  These can be weather conditions like wind and precipitation, or even just wear and tear over an extended period of time.

    The best way to keep this damage from happening is to have regular inspections.  This will allow you to stay ahead of any problems and maximize the life of your windows.  It is important to know and understand the type of windows that you have because certain problems apply to some windows more than others.

    Facilitiesnet reminds us that the first places to look are the interior surfaces around the windows.  Check for stains or any moisture that has developed and make sure to take note of anything that you find.  Next, you should examine the fit of all the windows because any small gap can increase air and water infiltration.  While doing this, you can open and close each window fully to see how well they operate and if there is a difference since the last inspection.

    The main idea is that window inspections and maintenance are both important and should be done regularly.  We know these tips will help you when you are faced with the daunting task of checking your windows.  As always, you can contact us at Exterior Specialties of PA and we will be more than happy to help with any questions.

  • Questions about Roof Coatings

    The aspect of roof coatings seems to be changing and some new questions are being asked.  Roof coatings are now not only looked at as a repair option, but also as another type of roofing system.  In fact, many manufacturers are encouraging people to think of roof coatings as more than just a repair option.

    Roof coatings have almost always been thought of as just painting your roof.  As Facilitiesnet points out, though, they can be an alternative to a whole new roof.  They can even have the same life span as a new roof, which is another reason why roof coatings shouldn't just be considered as a quick repair.

    The important questions that you want to ask if you are thinking about a roof coating are similar to what they've always been.  You will always have questions about the price and performance, but now sustainability questions are just as important.  Sustainability is often a strong attribute of roof coatings and make them a very good option for any roof.

    There can be many interesting questions when it comes to roof coatings.  The good news is that you do not have to try to answer them alone.  Call us at Exterior Specialties of PA with any questions and set up a free consultation.


  • Where to Find Roof Leaks

    Many of you already know how frustrating it can be to fix roof leaks.  The good news for you is that a lot of these leaks can be predictable, giving you a chance to identify and take care of the problem before it persists.  We are going to take a quick look at the three main spots to check for leaks.

    The first important place to check for roof leaks is near penetrations.  Flashing and sealants at these penetrations are normally the biggest and most common problem spots.  Do not forget to check these areas and make there are no major leaks.  The best way to avoid this is to avoid penetrations altogether, if that is all possible at your building or home.

    Another spot to check for roof leaks is the perimeter and near the roof edges.  Leaks can often occur here because of transitions near the edges of many roofs.  Water problems can also happen near the expansion joints at roof perimeters.  Remember to check these spots often and you will cut down on any damage caused by water leaks.

    One final thing to look for when worrying about roof leaks is condensation.  This seems like a simple concept, but we can never be reminded to check too many times.  With the temperatures outside dropping, we are likely to see more condensation as the new year begins.  This may appear to be a leak at first, but it is not while it is still just condensation.  Keep monitoring these areas and be sure to fix them if they start to leak at all.

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  • Establishing a Roof Management Program

    The importance of keeping a detailed report about your roof cannot be stressed enough.  It is an excellent and necessary idea to establish a roof management program that you can easily update and track.  The best thing to do is to collect and organize as many pieces of vital information that you can.

    These pieces of information will be beneficial in the future to you and any professional consultants that get involved.  The original building plans and specifications are the first thing that you will want to have, so you can reference them whenever you need to.  Another main thing to remember is to keep any inspection records that are related to your current roof system.  These records will always be a key part of roof management, even if they were perfect inspections.  Here are a few more materials that you should add to your collection of important documents:

    • Roofing and re-roofing proposals and contracts
    • Leak records and reports
    • Warranties
    • Repair and maintenance records

    Always remember to collect and maintain the vital information about your roof, and you will be able to successfully establish a roof management program.  Also, remember to contact Exterior Specialties of PA today for a no-obligation, free consultation to stay on top of your roof management.

  • Emergency Roofing Repairs

    As the winter weather is fast approaching, there may come an unexpected time when you will need to get roofing repairs.  These repairs are necessary and you cannot just avoid the problem.  Water leaks will cause major damage to any damage if they are not repaired quickly and properly.

    It is important that you have emergency repair procedures to stop any problems with your roofing system.  These repairs will mainly be temporary, as it is vital that you solve any problems before they expand.  As soon as the weather permits, you should contact a professional who will be able to make a permanent repair.

    The first thing to remember before performing your roof repair is to wait until the severe weather is completely through your area.  Once started, it is important to make these repairs in a relatively timely fashion.  This means that you should be sure to located the source of the leak very quickly.  This will allow you to make an emergency, temporary repair before too much interior damage occurs to your building.

    Facilitiesnet reminds us that keeping a work log of everything that you do during these repairs is vital.  This will not only be helpful for yourself, but can also be referenced before and during the permanent repair.

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  • Proper Design Improves Roof Longevity

    One of the key factors of determining the best roofing system is the roof longevity.  Facilitiesnet points out that the longevity of different roofing systems is usually affected by the design, materials, workmanship, weather, and maintenance.  It is important to start from the beginning and focus on why proper design is vital for improving roof longevity.

    There are many components of proper roof design that you do not have to worry about yourself.  Some of these include wind calculations, drainage design, and thermal factors.  These should be considered by an expert, or whoever is designing your new roofing system.  One of the first steps is also to select materials and a system that fits your existing building conditions.  This includes factoring in the geographic and environmental conditions when choosing your roofing system.  There are some occasions when you may need a special roof design depending on what weather conditions you are most likely to encounter.

    The purpose of designing your new roofing system should be to figure out how you can make it a long-term solution.  You have to be fully dedicated to doing such, and anything less should be considered just a short-term fix.  It is not your whole responsibility to know everything about determining design standards, but you should have a good understanding before committing to anything.  The basics of proper roof design is key when trying to improve the longevity of your roof.

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  • Repairing a Slate Roof

    Slate roof structures have many positive qualities that make them a great choice for your home.  They also have a tendency to crack, which leads to necessary repairs.  Winter is usually when the most damage occurs and it is important to have your slate roof inspected after the winter months.

    It is important to realize the advantages of having a slate roof before any inspections or repairs.  The durability of this natural material make it a very appealing option for many people.  Slate roofs also require low maintenance and have a high resistance to staining.  These positives, however, do not overshadow the fact that inspections and repairs are necessary.

    The job of inspecting a slate roof is not overwhelming and you may be able to perform it yourself.  You must make sure, though, that you have the correct tools and equipment before starting any repairs.  If you notice that any of the slate is broken, you should get it repaired immediately.  Remember, a slate roof can be very slippery so make sure that you are careful if you decide to repair it yourself.

    The first thing to do when repairing a slate roof is to locate the spot that needs fixed.  Pull the slate above the broken one up to give yourself enough room to easily and safely remove that damaged slate.  You then have to drill nail holes or use slate hooks to secure the new slate in place.  It is best to use slate hooks if available and remember to repeat these steps for all the slates that need repaired.

    If you have any questions about inspecting or repairing your roof, call Exterior Specialties of PA today for a free consultation.


  • Advantages of a Roof Recovery

    The benefits of a roof recovery can sometimes eliminate the need for a total roof replacement.  The main two advantages are that recovering is faster and easier than replacing.  A roof recovery is also beneficial because of the lower risk involved with it compared to a replacement.

    There is not as much risk involved for a contractor when you choose to recover your roof.  This is a meaningful factor when it comes to making a final decision about what to do.  Add this to the fact that a roof recovery is faster and easier than a replacement, and you can see that a recovery is a very viable option.  This does not mean, however, that you should immediately rule out a roof replacement.

    Facilitiesnet reminds us that roof replacement will always give the roof a chance to be more sustainable.  You should only go with this option if you are entirely focused on getting a new roof.  If this is not the case, then a roof recovery may be the way to go for now and you can always replace in the future.

    These decisions are important for not only just your roof, but your entire home as well.  At Exterior Specialties of PA, we are ready to help you make these decisions correctly.  So, contact us today for a free consultation and we will answer any questions you have.


  • The Benefits of a Vegetative Roof

    The advantages of deciding to go with a vegetative roof can clearly outweigh the disadvantages.  It is necessary to fully understand these advantages, though, before you make your final choice.  You will be able to maximize the life of your roof by doing this, and keep it in the best condition possible.

    The largest benefit of a vegetated roof is the improved water control.  They easily reduce the stress on drainage and treatment systems by decreasing the amount of run-off water.  You can also improve the air quality by increasing the number of plantings on your vegetative roof.

    There are two other very important advantages that could effect your decision to choose a vegetative roof.  The possible energy savings are the first of these two.  The planting system helps to decrease the load on the mechanical heating and cooling systems, which is where the energy savings comes from.  The increased service life is another advantage, as vegetative roofs normally last longer than conventional roofing systems.  This is mainly the case because vegetative roofs are protected from UV rays.

    These facts are essential to know if you are thinking about going with a vegetative roof.  Your decision will be much easier if you understand the advantages of all of your options.  At Exterior Specialties of PA, we are prepared to answer any questions that you may have about this topic or any other.  So call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.