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  • Criteria for Selecting the Right Roof

    courtesy of houselogic

    There are a lot of things to think about when replacing your roof or installing a new roof.  There are many different aspects of the home or building you have to think about when selecting the type of roof you need.

    Here are some criteria, courtesy of FacilitiesNet:

    Geographic Location:  This includes whether the property is located on the west coast or east coast, the north or south. But it also includes local considerations, such as the building's orientation and if there are nearby trees.

    Local Environmental Laws: What is allowed as far as applications, odors, VOCs.

    Building Characteristics: These include the slope of the roof, the shape of the building, the elevation and the level of accessibility to the roof.

    Appearance: Is the roof visible from the ground or visible from other buildings such that you have concerns about looking industrial or maybe want more of a green look to it with vegetation?

    Use of the Roof: How much foot traffic is going to be on the roof?

    Use of the Building: A hospital or a resort has different concerns with roofing and reroofing than an office building or a shopping center, as far as disturbance to the inhabitants. A library or a bank many times have concerns with the equipment set up, the noise, the disturbance to the customers. It's another thing to look at environmentally. One roof may be easier and quieter to install than another, all things being equal.

    Weather: Does a particular roof type have a vulnerability to hail, ice or snow damage? A particular type of roof may not be selected because of the incidence of hail in that area. Even if the owner is insured against hail damage, what is going to be effect of the inconvenience of having to go through a reroof?

    Quality of Maintenance: What is the quality of maintenance that will be available? Will there be an in-house maintenance crew that can be trained and is interested in the condition of the roof?

    Utility Costs: Is a reflective/cool roof important? For example, is the facility an office building where the owner is paying the utility cost or is the tenant paying the utility cost? It's a whole different animal. Some owners are very concerned about their tenant's utility costs as a selling point to keep their occupancy. Others don't care what their tenants have to pay; they just want a cheap roof.

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  • Establishing a Roof Management Program

    The importance of keeping a detailed report about your roof cannot be stressed enough.  It is an excellent and necessary idea to establish a roof management program that you can easily update and track.  The best thing to do is to collect and organize as many pieces of vital information that you can.

    These pieces of information will be beneficial in the future to you and any professional consultants that get involved.  The original building plans and specifications are the first thing that you will want to have, so you can reference them whenever you need to.  Another main thing to remember is to keep any inspection records that are related to your current roof system.  These records will always be a key part of roof management, even if they were perfect inspections.  Here are a few more materials that you should add to your collection of important documents:

    • Roofing and re-roofing proposals and contracts
    • Leak records and reports
    • Warranties
    • Repair and maintenance records

    Always remember to collect and maintain the vital information about your roof, and you will be able to successfully establish a roof management program.  Also, remember to contact Exterior Specialties of PA today for a no-obligation, free consultation to stay on top of your roof management.