Zombie Roofs: Reasons Roofing Issues are Ignored


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With TV hits like The Walking Dead,  people seem to be smitten with zombies. But, it's no longer fun when the zombie is your roof, slowly draining your resources, time and money.

What turns a roof into a zombie, and how do you prevent it?  FacilitiesNet  provides some insightful tips on how roofing failures get ignored and how to resolve the issue.

Why are zombie roofs ignored?

One of the main problems is denial...

A zombie roof may still be a young one — failures at five years or less are not unknown. The financial decision-makers believe there is no way a five-year-old roof should need replacement.

Another is that you may not know the roof has underlying issues because it isn't showing any "symptoms" yet.

And the last reason you may not know your roof is a zombie is because it's been fixed so many times, you're not sure how it actually is:

It's the one that has been patched, re-covered, coated and otherwise layered so much that the actual state of the roof is unknown...

How to uncover a zombie roof

Roofs that have outlived their welcome will show various signs. The most prominent tell-tale sign is an economic one:

Determine what the cost would be for a new roof on a facility and divide that by the number of years a roof is likely to last, generally 15 to 20. This number is the yearly cost of a roof. Add up all of the repair charges and the cost of repairing interior damage to the building and contents. If the first is less than the second, you have a zombie.

Incidentally, if you have to justify the cost of a roof replacement to another party, going through this exercise is a powerful argument in favor of a new roof. When the building owner or asset manager realizes it is costing more to keep the zombie in place than it would to replace it, it can help change their mind about trying to eke just one more year out of it.

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