When is it Time To Call In the Roofing Contractor?

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

There are many home improvements that we think we can tackle: upgrading the kitchen, planting a garden, repainting the dining room.  But there are some things that deserve some extra attention: roof repair. Because neglecting your roof or trying to do the repairs yourself can lead to high energy bills, damage, and the high costs of fixing it.

Here are four things you should know about maintaining your roof, courtesy of Huffington Post.

1. When to go pro. Alyssa Hall from GAF roofing, an expert on all things related to our houses' shingles, says to do a visual inspection of your roof several times a year. Call a professional if you see streaking stains on the shingles, curled or buckled shingles, areas on the roof missing granules or rusted flashings. Water stains in the attic or moss or mold on the roof are also signs of potential problems. It may be time for a new roof if you are noticing higher than average energy bills, moisture or mold in the attic, or leaks after extreme weather.

2. It's all about maintenance. Once a year, you should clean the cobwebs and dust from your ventilation system and exhaust vents. Then, caulk with a high grade sealant around pipes and vents and paint any exposed metal to prevent rust. Also, remove leaves and other debris from the gutters so they don't dam up and overflow. Home Tips offers a helpful tutorial.

3. Once choice can make it last forever (almost). Redbeacon reports that asphalt shingle roofs tend to last approximately twenty years. Although, Halls says if a roof is installed correctly with the right components, it can last a lifetime.

4. People do notice. Your roofing material can actually enhance your home's curb appeal. (Hall confirms that, on average, 40 percent of what you see from the road is the roof!) And Realtor Mag includes roof replacement in the top ten valuable home improvement projects and reports that homeowners can expect to recoup 56.7 percent of these costs when selling.

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