The Five Key Questions to Ask During Your Roof Assessment

There may be nothing more important to sustaining your home then a roof assessment and replacement.  Before you perform a roof replacement, you must ask a number of key questions to make sure you get the most out of the new roof.  The main thing that you need to know is the reason why you are going to do a roof replacement.  We normally ask five key questions when performing a roof assessment:

Are you doing this project because of leaks?

Are you doing it because current warranties have expired?

Is a roof replacement necessary, or is restoration an option?

Should you consider retrofitting the roof?

Would strategic repairs be a viable option?

The answers to these five questions are important for a number of different reasons.  It will help you realize exactly why you need a roof replacement and the best course of action to take.  Once you figure this out, you will then be able to make the most cost-effective choice that fits your needs.  It is important to note that the cheapest solution may not always be the best option for you.  Before you make a final decision, you must make sure that you perform a total and complete assessment of the current roof.

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