Inspect for Moisture on Low-Slope Roofs

A good roof is an investment  -- it not only shelters you, but can even save you money on energy costs. We've already looked at why it's important to get a spring roof inspection, but if you have a low-slope roof, it may even be more important.

Facilites with low-slope roofs have a tendency to absorb moisture -- causing damage to your roof, your electrical and mechanical systems and more - so it's important to have a regular roof inspections as a precaution.

And as facilitiesnet points out, the process for larger roofs has gotten more manageable with the usage of thermal imaging. A skilled roofer now has the ability to do a thermal scan of your entire roof and accurately locate any pockets of moisture.

If you have a low-slope roof, feel free to contact Exterior Specialties of PA today for a free estimate!

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