Improving Skylight Installation

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Skylights can be a beautiful way to bring natural light into your home.  However, if not installed properly, they can ended up leaking, increasing your electric bills.

There have been advancements in skylight design that benefit both your aesthetics and your wallet.

According to, "These new-and-improved skylights can benefit a home in several eco-friendly ways. For starters, they beam 100% free light into a room, and if vented, they improve air circulation. Additionally, skylights can help regulate a home’s climate. (Rising hot air escapes through them in the summer, and in the winter, they admit warming sun rays.) Not to mention, the natural light admitted by skylights ultimately promotes good health. Sunlight balances your circadian rhythms, wards off Seasonal Affective Disorder, and replenishes vitamin D levels."

Instead of the "bubble-style skylights" of the past, new skylights are often the same high-quality standard as windows. According to the site, " Many are Energy Star-rated and feature dual-paned, argon-gas-injected low-e glass that not only insulates well, but also blocks UV rays that can bleach furniture and carpets."

One of the more advanced skylight systems out on the market  is the solar-powered “Fresh Air” Skylight from Velux:

An operable window-on-your-roof, it features solar cells built into the frame, so there is no need to hook up the skylight to your home’s electrical system. Using the preprogrammed remote control, you can either open and close the skylight at will or program it to lift and lower automatically throughout the day. Conveniently, a built-in rain sensor closes the window in wet weather.

If your attic takes up a lot of the space under your roof, it may seem impossible to get a skylight.  Thankfully, there are new ways to let the sun shine through.  According to, tubular solar lighting system, "are simple enough to install yourself, consist of a skylight on the roof and a fixed or flexible tube that channels the light to wherever you need it. The resulting installation indoors often looks like a recessed ceiling light fixture."

Also, according to the site, "In the past few years, one of the brightest advances in skylights has come, not from a research facility, but from the federal government. The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 allows homeowners to claim a 10% tax credit—up to $500—on certain components of skylight installation, so if you do install any of these systems, be sure to check with your accountant! That way, you’ll not only save on electric, heating, and cooling costs, but on your taxes as well."

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