Benefits of Green Roofing Systems


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Are you thinking about re-roofing your home, but are also trying to find some green options?  Green roofs can offer many environmental benefits for you and your wallet.

According to via the American Association of Landscape Architects, "a green roof is a lightweight, living system of soil, compost, and plants."

A green roofing system is generally made of up to nine layers of material, which include, "structural support, a vapor control barrier, thermal insulation, waterproofing, drainage, a filter membrane, growing medium, and finally the vegetation itself," according to

So, what are the benefits?

Green roofs filter pollution, absorb storm water, lower surface temperatures, improve home insulation, and can create a green oasis for you to enjoy, especially if you live in more of a city area.

As far as tax breaks, you may be able to receive some depending upon where you live.  Also, some cities offer government grants, which could help offset the cost of building the roof.

"Before you start your green home project, check your local building codes to be sure that a green roof would comply with relevant rules and regulations," according to

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