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Choosing windows isn’t just about all the cookie-cutter options out there.  There’s not an one-size-fits-all option for every home.  Some homes require windows that are more customized for them.

There are a couple of reasons to decide to go custom:


According to, “If the openings are an irregular size, compare how much it will cost to make the hole bigger or smaller to accommodate a stock window. This is a better option if you’re putting in a smaller window, but since it will still require patching, filling, and trimming or the services of a contractor, this option may cancel out any savings from buying off the shelf. If you’re making the opening larger, you might have expensive adjustments to the load-bearing parts of the wall. In all, it’s best to have a professional review the situation and give you an estimate so that you can really compare numbers”


If you don’t think your existing windows complement the shape or design of your home, custom windows could be the way to go since they provide more shape and style options.

Eco-friendly, but stylish

If you want to upgrade your windows to a more environmentally-friendly kind, but don’t like the styles available, custom windows can allow you the ability to have the best of both worlds

Before you Choose Custom Windows

You’ll want to do some extra homework if you are looking into custom windows.  Here are some tips to make sure you’ve found the right ones, courtesy of

Before you place your order be sure to check out different manufacturers. A size, option, or shape that is non-standard at one company may be standard at another, says Jeffrey Lowinski, vice president for technology marketing at the Window & Door Manufacturers Association. A third company may have a standard size you can use with minor modifications. “Shopping around to find a standard size that fits your opening may save you some money,” Lowinski says. You may also want to see if using several standard windows, instead of a large custom one, works in your space.

When ordering custom windows, make sure you have them made with the energy-efficiency and performance options best suited for your climate and region. Custom windows are generally available in the same materials as standard windows—vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass or composite—and with the same options, including coatings, gases, impact resistance and light-transmittance values. Also, ask about the warranty: Most companies provide the same warranty on their custom windows as on their standard ones. The custom windows should also maintain the same performance ratings assigned by industry groups as the standard products.

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