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There are often a lot of debates about whether to choose wood or vinyl siding is best for homes. While some like the aesthetics of wood siding, some argue the durability of vinyl siding.

According to homeguide123, when it comes to cost, vinyl siding is less expensive than wood siding.

According to the writers at Service Magic, www.servicemagic.com, cedar siding can cost as much as $8/square foot, which is nearly double the starting price of vinyl siding per square foot.

But, since wood siding can improve the sellability of a home, many people are willing to make the investment.

When it comes to appearance,  wood siding wins out.  It provides a more natural and inviting finish than vinyl siding.

If you’re basing your decision on maintenance, vinyl siding is probably the way to go because it doesn’t have the issues of rotting, termites, or chipping that wood siding has.  If the vinyl is painted, it won’t fade as quickly as wood siding, according to homeguide123.  However, if you properly and routinely maintain your wood siding, it will last for years to come.

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