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  • Turning old roofing into flooring

    Recycling is, and has always been, a great  way to increase efficiency while also protecting our environment. In the past, we've talked about other ways to increase efficiency like photovoltaic roofs, cool roofs and even the benefits of a vegetative roof, but we haven't really talked that much about roof recycling.

    Thanks to the Duro-last blog, we ran across a pretty cool video that documents how took the material from their own roof and made it into flooring.

    Check it out below and tell us what you think!

  • The Benefits of a Vegetative Roof

    The advantages of deciding to go with a vegetative roof can clearly outweigh the disadvantages.  It is necessary to fully understand these advantages, though, before you make your final choice.  You will be able to maximize the life of your roof by doing this, and keep it in the best condition possible.

    The largest benefit of a vegetated roof is the improved water control.  They easily reduce the stress on drainage and treatment systems by decreasing the amount of run-off water.  You can also improve the air quality by increasing the number of plantings on your vegetative roof.

    There are two other very important advantages that could effect your decision to choose a vegetative roof.  The possible energy savings are the first of these two.  The planting system helps to decrease the load on the mechanical heating and cooling systems, which is where the energy savings comes from.  The increased service life is another advantage, as vegetative roofs normally last longer than conventional roofing systems.  This is mainly the case because vegetative roofs are protected from UV rays.

    These facts are essential to know if you are thinking about going with a vegetative roof.  Your decision will be much easier if you understand the advantages of all of your options.  At Exterior Specialties of PA, we are prepared to answer any questions that you may have about this topic or any other.  So call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.