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  • Important things to know about flat roof coatings

    Flat roof coating can be a great way for facilities to save money because they can extend the life of a roof and coatings lower the roofs temperature, making your building cooler and more efficient. However, choosing from all of the different roof coatings isn't easy.

    According to FacilitiesNet, it is harder for coatings to stick to hard, smooth," chemically inert surfaces" and easier on rough, irregular, "chemically active surfaces." Often, coatings stick better if a primer or base coat is used first. There are many different primers and base coats that are recommended for this. However, only base coats and primers recommended by the coating's manufacturer should be used.

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  • Is attic ventilation right for your home?

    Courtesy of buildingscience.com

    The amount of ventilation, or whether you even need ventilation for your attic is a subject that has been confusing for most consumers. This is in part because of the amount of research done. However, based on  the research to date, the strongest case for ventilating asphalt shingle roof assemblies with outside air is for residences located in cold climates and where snow accumulates on roofs for long periods of time, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association.

    Under the conditions mentioned above, ventilation has proven to be an important way to keep moisture out of your attic.

    To learn more, check out there article here.

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  • Fire Safety

    When it comes to your home one of the first thing on your mind should fire safety since one mistake can ruin your home and everything inside.

    Make sure that when your roof is being built or replaces that all materials being used are fire resistant. You should also be aware of the safety and protection rating that the roof has.

    When is comes to fire safety ratings there are three different classes. Class A, B and C. Class A had the best and highest protection where Class C offers the least protection. These classes could be the difference from repairing your home and roof after a fire or having to rebuild it from scratch.

    When having work done on your roof make sure you are in conversation with your contractor and understand which type of class rating is best for your home situation.

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  • Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

    Does your roof leak, does it look damaged, Has your roof hit its life expectancy. Having to replace your roof can be a stressful time on any home owner. Can your roof be fixed with repairs or does it need to be fully replaced? Here are some great tips on deciding whether or not it is time to replace your roof.

    The first thing to consider is how old is your roof, an average roof will last up to 15 years depending on maintenance. After this life time it is normal for leaks and missing or torn shingles. If this occurs your roof is beyond repair and it needs to be replaced.

    Another thing that needs to be checked are the interior walls that touch the roof. If there are watermarks or paint damage then this is a sign of water see page and the roof will need to be completely replaced.

    Weather is also a factor when it comes to your roof, this is what will take down a life expectancy. If your roof sees a lot of direct sunlight, snow, wind, rain and or hail your roof will need to be replaces quicker than a roof that doesn't encounter a lot of weather.

    Other factors that may cause you to replace your roof are, an improper design, the wrong materials being used to installation, and or external factors.

    The decision to replace your roof is something that is inevitable. The most important thing is do not wait. At the first sign of damage call a contractor to have them give you a quote.

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  • What's the Black Stuff on my Roof?

    Often, homeowners call with a specific question -- what is that black stuff on my roof?

    The answer is simple -- it's probably roof algae.

    As Roof Repair Blog points out, the stuff is actually called Gleocapsa Magma, and it can not only detract from your roof aesthetically, but it can also cause damage and drive up your cooling costs in the summer (the black color absorbs the sun's heat instead of reflecting it).

    Any single one of these is a problem for a homeowner -- but if all three strike, it's a major problem. If you see some of this "black stuff" on  your roof, call a professional as soon as you can!

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  • Emergency Roofing Repairs

    As the winter weather is fast approaching, there may come an unexpected time when you will need to get roofing repairs.  These repairs are necessary and you cannot just avoid the problem.  Water leaks will cause major damage to any damage if they are not repaired quickly and properly.

    It is important that you have emergency repair procedures to stop any problems with your roofing system.  These repairs will mainly be temporary, as it is vital that you solve any problems before they expand.  As soon as the weather permits, you should contact a professional who will be able to make a permanent repair.

    The first thing to remember before performing your roof repair is to wait until the severe weather is completely through your area.  Once started, it is important to make these repairs in a relatively timely fashion.  This means that you should be sure to located the source of the leak very quickly.  This will allow you to make an emergency, temporary repair before too much interior damage occurs to your building.

    Facilitiesnet reminds us that keeping a work log of everything that you do during these repairs is vital.  This will not only be helpful for yourself, but can also be referenced before and during the permanent repair.

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  • Repairing a Slate Roof

    Slate roof structures have many positive qualities that make them a great choice for your home.  They also have a tendency to crack, which leads to necessary repairs.  Winter is usually when the most damage occurs and it is important to have your slate roof inspected after the winter months.

    It is important to realize the advantages of having a slate roof before any inspections or repairs.  The durability of this natural material make it a very appealing option for many people.  Slate roofs also require low maintenance and have a high resistance to staining.  These positives, however, do not overshadow the fact that inspections and repairs are necessary.

    The job of inspecting a slate roof is not overwhelming and you may be able to perform it yourself.  You must make sure, though, that you have the correct tools and equipment before starting any repairs.  If you notice that any of the slate is broken, you should get it repaired immediately.  Remember, a slate roof can be very slippery so make sure that you are careful if you decide to repair it yourself.

    The first thing to do when repairing a slate roof is to locate the spot that needs fixed.  Pull the slate above the broken one up to give yourself enough room to easily and safely remove that damaged slate.  You then have to drill nail holes or use slate hooks to secure the new slate in place.  It is best to use slate hooks if available and remember to repeat these steps for all the slates that need repaired.

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