Roof Maintenance in the Winter

We are about to begin another winter and it is important to keep up with proper roof maintenance.  The effects of water on your roof can be very damaging and they are even worse in the winter.  The threat of snow and ice accumulating on your roof can be a cause for concern.  When the temperature falls below freezing there is a strong possibility that this accumulation will occur.

It is important to look out for ice build up in any area of your roof because it could cause immediate damage, or stress components of the roof.  There could also be spots where the snow accumulates higher than others because of the way your roof is configured.  It is essential that you take care of these spots as quickly as possible in order to maintain your roof.

Facilitiesnet describes that one of the best ways to protect your roof during these times is to create a tracking system of everything that is happening to your roof.  This can be as simple as writing down what the weather is like and what the effects are on your roof.  It can be easy to overlook this process as part of roof maintenance, but detailed records of the past and present will only help your roof in the future.

So, remember to take the winter weather seriously and track EVERYTHING that happens to your roof!

At Exterior Specialties of PA, we are always ready to help you protect and maintain your roof.  Call us today for a free consultation and we'll help you prepare for the winter weather!


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